Home Treatment for Fairer and Flawless Skin

Today I am going to share one natural remedy to get clear, fairer flawless skin . this is a face mask but you do not have to wash it, you can leave it on your face overnight as night cream and wash your face next morning.

For this you will need

Sandalwood powder+ Turmeric powder + Lemon juice + Almond oil + Rose Water

How To Do

  1. Take 1 tea spoon of sandalwood powder
  2. In this add 1/4 tea spoon of turmeric powder
  3. Add juice of half lemon juice
  4. Add 1 spoon of almond oil in this
  5. Add 1 spoon of rose water in this
  6. Mix it well and your pack is ready
  7. Let it dry, after 15 minutes you can remove it with help of fingers. Make sure you are very gentle on your skin while rubbing it.
  8. No need to wash it now, just leave some mask if it is still there. Wash your face next morning

Sandalwood will improve your skin tone, turmeric powder will add extra glow to your skin and will remove spots from your skin. Lemon juice will make your skin fairer. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, that will rejuvenate your skin.



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