3 Healthy Foods For Hair Growth

Hair is a barometer of everyone’s health, especially women. Many women go to any lengths and spare no expense to get the hair they want. But let me make it clear, when it comes to hair, it is not what you apply on your hair that makes it lustrous but what counts the most is your diet. Crash diets and deficiencies in iron and protein can all contribute to dry, damaged and unhealthy hair.

Here, I am going to share the strong healthy hair foods which are not only rich in nutrients like vitamins A, B, and C, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and zinc but are delicious too.

Strong Healthy Hair Foods

1. Salmon

To achieve healthy-looking hair, you’ll need omega-3 fatty acids. However, our bodies can’t produce them all on their own so you’ll need to get them from your diet. While Omega-3 supplements are widely available in the market, you can get these fatty acids the natural way by eating a healthy serving of salmon at least twice a week.

Besides being rich in omega-3, this oily fish is also rich in vitamin D, which helps maintain the health of your scalp and to keep it hydrated. If you’re suffering from pesky dandruff, amp up your vitamin D intake by including salmon in your regular diet.

2. Sweet Potatoes

Vitamin A deficiency causes dry skin and may lead to dry scalp and dandruff. The presence of vitamin A or beta-carotene in sweet potato makes it an ideal food for hair growth. For those with thinning hair out there, you must up your intake of sweet potatoes. It’s loaded with unique nutritional benefits that may increase hair growth and provide you with healthier hair follicles.

3. Carrots

Because of the high levels of vitamin A found in carrots, they’re the perfect supplement to promoting good eyesight. Of course, that’s not the only reason for eating carrots. Just like spinach, carrots also contribute significantly to sebum production in the hair. And when your scalp produces sebum, then your hair can grow to a desirable length faster. So if you’ve been munching on this low-calorie snack, you now have another good reason to keep on doing it. And if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s about time you try snacking on carrot sticks. Minus the mayonnaise, of course!


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